Tool making

High-precision 5-axis milling processing

High-performance, large-capacity CNC milling centre.

The majority of Jaksche customers order between ten and 100 units per component, sometimes it is even a few hundred. This must be performed in automated fashion with uniform quality guaranteed – and this is what the MAKA CNC delivers, with absolute reliability.


The highlight of production

The MAKA BC 270 is the highlight of production at Jaksche. It forms the spearhead of the high-precision, 5-axis simultaneous processing of large components of up to 5 tons and up to 5,000 mm in length with a tolerance accuracy of up to +/-0.05 mm.

With a work chamber of 5,000 x 2,700 x 1,800 mm, the five-axis MAKA CNC machine meets all requirements for large components with exceptional surfaces. The positioning accuracy and contour fidelity allows us to perform high-precision processing of visible surfaces. Combined with a quick spindle (24,000 rpm) and high-grade tools, Jaksche ensures optimum surface quality and accuracy on the tool.

Data is created and transmitted using our CAD/CAM system. Thanks to the integrated CAD/CAM system, we have the best conditions for creating optimum 5-axis programs for various milling operations. Only by these means is time-saving processing possible. All programs are saved using a backup plan on individual, prepared backup storage media as part of the Jaksche IT infrastructure.

  • Vibration monitoring
  • Automatic tool measurement and breakage detection system (Renishaw NC4)
  • Collision control
  • Production of XXL tools and moulds
  • Multi-faceted processing spectrum
  • Automated operability
  • Networked production in tool and mould making