Jaksche supports you with your construction of the next generation with CATIA Engineering.

Plastic is the art of catering to the specific wishes of our customers.

Jaksche has established itself internationally as a sought-after partner for the development and manufacture of demanding plastic components. Our highly motivated and ideally qualified team offers comprehensive development services for plastic parts with all types of detailed designs, from the conception of ideas to series production.

In addition to a functional and modern design, processability, material quality and installation capability form the key elements of our development concept.



Starting from the design surface, components and systems are developed, constructed and secured by means of FEM calculations, taking account of specifications. Optimal implementation in terms of material and process is ensured by a development team using the latest CAD and CAE equipment. This is the only way to create innovations and exceptional solutions.

Jaksche is commissioned by renowned customers such as KLEEMANN and YANMAR in the early phases of development. In addition to the CAE programs that have been used for many years (CATIA, SolidEdge, SprutCAM, VXelements, etc.), the drafting and analysis process, including 2D and 3D modelling, includes the use of a product life cycle management program.

Jaksche implements its project management at the digitalised level of product life cycle management. We can provide our customers with insights into project management and timing plans as early as in the planning phase of plastic components.


Comprehensive consulting

With increasing product complexity and multi-faceted customer expectations, performance and quality objectives are also becoming ever more demanding. Our extensive CAE programs help in accelerating the development and implementation of new products, and thus in generating competitive advantages. The design must be right, and the materials must subsequently ensure the component properties in the respective design.

We offer our customers

  • High performance and quality in data exchange
  • Production-oriented sheet metal construction
  • Use of dimensioning and tolerances in every process step directly in 3D
  • Creation of model and moulding tool data
  • Reverse construction and reverse engineering
  • Digitisation of existing models

Only a construction suitable for the materials can coax out of the materials what is hidden in them. Jaksche accompanies its customers with the fast development of high-quality, complex plastic components.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering

In reverse engineering, the development/production process is performed backwards, from the finished component or product to the construction drawing.

We successfully perform reverse engineering for our customers in the event of inspection work or spare part manufacture.


Tool correction with 3D digitisation

Perfect tools obtained; 50% earlier than planned.

For the 3D digitisation of component models or installation environments of newly developed plastic parts, we use our mobile laser scanners from Creaform.