Plastic-compatible design for your components.

Jaksche boasts the necessary know-how for your product
development and the structural design of plastic components.


Many years of experience in designing plastic components

More and more functions are cropping up in every assembly nowadays. As a result, geometries and contours are becoming increasingly more complex. For this reason, the requirements placed on the design and development of products also get continuously tougher. In order to make effective lightweight construction possible, Jaksche relies on structural design for volume minimisation, on material substitution and the integration of functions in a plastic component.

Through the integration of CATIA into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, we have undreamed-of opportunities for flawless design, and production limits can be taken into account at an early design stage.

Our objective is to meet the demands of our customers in an innovative and efficient manner. We resolve the conflicting objectives of design, lightweight construction potential, piece quantities and cost. We will therefore support you throughout the entire design and development process.