Series production

DELMIA digital manufacturing

Quicker response times in the event of bottlenecks.

With DELMIA Ortems, relevant production processes are newly planned, simulated and modelled even before a product line actually exists.

DELMIA digital manufacturing

Quick decision-making and continuous improvement

The manufacturing execution systems provide staff with the information they require for quick decision-making and continuous improvement.

Jaksche identifies the emergence of bottlenecks in good time across all work areas and machines and can thus respond more quickly and flexibly. With a visualisation of the production, we can test the entire production environment in advance for machines, staff and tools using a configured optimisation engine. You can even design entire plants and facilities.

The result is quicker reaction capability in the event of production fluctuations or changes in demand, optimised deployment of resources and fewer stocks of raw materials, reduced retooling times, the synchronisation of production sequences from the raw material to the dispatch-ready product.