Customised load carriers for the requirements of your logistics system.

For many years now, we have been developing and producing
tailor-made load carriers for our customers


Product-compatible packaging

We offer the entire spectrum of the most common packaging concepts.

We supply our plastic parts painted and attached predominantly to standard load carriers, which are tailored to the assembly lines of our customers.

Through an ideal selection of packaging and packaging designs together with the loading units, we produce value-added for our customers.

We offer

  • The safeguarding of product quality
  • The avoidance of wasted cargo space
  • Unmixed deliveries
  • Unique marking of goods with bills of lading and accompanying documents
  • The formation of rational loading units
  • Optimum container utilisation
  • Guaranteed stacking capability
  • The use of recyclable packaging material


Transported to our customers on time

As a specialised OEM supplier, we know: If our plastic parts and system components are not on site in time, the productivity of our customers will suffer. ERP-controlled logistics cycles enable the prompt delivery at our customers.

In the event of our customers making their own collections, as a supplier, we stick to the prescribed routing order. With local and international haulage companies, hugely powerful, global logistics service providers are also at our side, which transport our shipments to you securely and on time via overland transport.


Specially developed load carriers

For many years now, we have been developing and producing tailor-made load carriers for our customers' logistics processes. Through consulting and constructive suggested solutions, functional load carriers are tailored to the products and logistics systems of our customers.

Depending on the customer's wishes, we will perform static and dynamic calculations beforehand for defined load cases (through risk analyses). We are able to develop special transport frames made of high-quality metal, including chromium-free galvanic coating and paint. From sampling to series production of the load carriers, including the production of a set of operating instructions, we cover the entire value chain.