Quality is the decisive factor for a successful and lasting partnership

Our chief objective is to satisfy our customers' demands exactly with our products
and services.

Quality inspection

Guaranteed quality

Secure processes and sequences and measurable quality indicators are a top priority at Jaksche. All important parameters are continuously defined and inspected: the purchase of materials, the production process and the delivery of the end products. We check and document our products with the latest test equipment and methods.

A quality standard is defined for each component. In this process, test plans are created in which the dimensions, properties, etc. to be checked are documented. During the production process, the parts are regularly checked against the prescribed values and dimensions, as well as for their flawless surfaces and feel. These results are documented on an ongoing basis. Mandatory testing and quality documents accompany our products – this ensures product traceability.

Within our quality management process, preventive and planning measures are initiated early on in the development phase of products and processes, and so possible risks and potential errors can be identified promptly and eliminated. The expertise in materials at Jaksche combined with modern machinery ensures, together with quality management that oversees production, a consistently high quality of manufacturing.