Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is an important process where you start with a finished component and obtain its construction data (CAD model).

To do this, the surface of the component must first be scanned with our handheld Creaform 3D Handyscan.

Reverse engineering

Very precise measurement results

Due to the integrated TRUaccuracy technology, the 3D scanner used can also be put into operation in production environments for precise measurement results, irrespective of vibrations, instabilities and thermal differences.

The specially integrated software analyses the point clouds obtained from 3D scans to capture the underlying geometry.

The obtained point clouds or polygon meshes (STL data) are automatically integrated into the workflow as recorded data. The 3D measurement data can be further processed effortlessly with numerous, effective functions.

In just a few steps, this results in a watertight CAD model, which can be exported in common CAD formats or can be compared with CAD target model data as a Geomagic report.

  • High-precision reverse engineering
  • Export of CAD data in IGES, STEP, STL
  • Geomagic reports for quality assurance
  • Testing and measuring tools
  • Digitisation of breaks and wear
  • Identification of deviations through false colour imaging