Long-term growth strategy

Future-proof products

More than ever, Jaksche is pursuing a long-term growth strategy through future-proof products. Given the climate debate and ever scarcer fossil fuel sources, our main objective is in the development and manufacture of ecological, economic and recyclable products.

In addition to technical requirements, questions regarding the use of natural fibres, biopolymers and the use of recycled materials are increasingly becoming the focus of attention. Jaksche Austria successfully participated as a partner company in an Austrian Research Promotion Agency -sponsored project for the implementation of a bio-based demonstration project.

Plastic parts built from natural fibres and bio-based raw materials are available for lightweight construction applications in different mobility systems. We are further expanding our expertise in the field of plastics with innovative developments for powerful, environmentally friendly and convenient mobility aiming for system competence.

We factor the impacts on the environment and society into all of our business processes.

Code of conduct

Environmental policy