Tool making

The quality of a component begins with expertise in one's own tool making.

With geometries and free-form surfaces of ever greater complexity, tool and mould making is placing the greatest of demands on plastics technology.

Model making

Precision in model making

The starting point for a precise shape is always a positive core – also referred to as a master form or master pattern – which is true to the original component. The quality of the model making is critical to the subsequent mould making and the components manufactured from this in series-production. Any quirks in the model will later be reflected in every finished part built.

There are a large number of requirements to consider in model making: surface quality, piece quantity, ease of maintenance, manufacturing processes, field of component application, etc. The model is based on 3D drawings of the finished product and can be manufactured from high-strength model wood, plastics, fibre composite or aluminium, depending on piece quantity and the complexity of the component.

CNC milling centre

High-precision 5-axis milling processing

With state-of-the-art CNC infrastructure, we guarantee first-class quality and maximum precision, even with complicated 3D contours. Jaksche has enough capacity to build 100 XXL tools of up to 5 tons every year with the large-capacity CNC milling machine.

A key element in the production of fibre-reinforced plastic components is our modern, computer-controlled milling machines

Mould making

From core to mould

Our moulds are the most valuable of our possessions!  The first step to a finished component is always the manufacture of a working mould. Jaksche produces single-part and multi-part GRP moulds, RTM/LRTM moulds through to multi-part aluminium moulds, tailored to the specific application and the production volume in series.

If required, heatable moulds can be produced from fibre-reinforced plastics.

Networked production

More efficient production processes

Our objective is for fully networked production to make our production processes more efficient and more flexible.

A smart platform supports our company in this complex task.